Day in the life 2 (Character&Setting Project)

Character: She rolled over and flicked on the green and gold shaded lamp. Sheryl Crow began to blast out of the small radio, next to her head. Cursing under breath as the ship rocked and forced her to sit up. Hair flipped into a neat ponytail, and her oval, golden glasses placed on her desk. With a sigh, she slid them onto her face. The cabin was small. Tidy and polished just like her. Flipping through the drawer that she called her wardrobe. Beige, black and grey were what it mostly consisted of, with the odd pops of bright orange and turquoise.

Quickly she exited the cabin, and entered the small hallway, passing the other crew, as they lumbered out of their rooms. Hearing whispers behind her, questioning if she was the new marine biologist. Her cheeks flushed red, keeping head down, she shuffled into the meeting room.

The others had already arrived. Great. She thought as she sat down.

“Ms.Jones, I’m glad you took the effort to join us this morning.” She could hear the bitterness in his voice.

A sorry escaped her mouth, as she sat down. Embarrassed, taking all of her power to not get up and leave, because all eyes were on her. He cleared his throat, and all the attention was gone. She inhaled sharply, and began to listen.

After the next four months, she would be home. Baking with her sister, cycling and hiking with Teddy & Joe(her husky and beagle) Just the thought brought a smile to her face.


She jumped. Managing to respond.


“We’d all appreciate if you would pay attention. You don’t have to be here. Should I remind you that you’re just listening in?”

She gripped the pen in her hand. DO NOT THROW IT.

Slowly, she got up and waltzed over to the coffee machine. She had not had her daily cup, as she took a sip out of the scratchy styrofoam, it dribbled down her chin onto her beige tank top. Hiding her frustration. She plastered a smile to her faces and excused herself. She slowly headed back her cabin. Pulling out her iPod classic and blasting Dean Brody in her ears. She began to bite her nails. A habit she started at her Gr.5 swim meet. She hadn’t stopped since. Gnawing on her nails, she hummed along to the song.

It wasn’t like she’d done anything to upset him. The professor genuinely disliked her. Which, was reasonable I guess, everyone hates someone for no apparent reason? Full of frustration, she tossed her iPod down the hall. For a minute, it was great. But them she remembered all of her pictures of Teddy and Joe were on there. Scrambling down the hall, she looked over the scene. iPod with headphones sprawled out on the floor, screen and buttons separated. Grinding her teeth, (another bad habit) and a tear slid from her eye. This was going to be an interesting few months.

Picking up the pieces she finally made it to her room. Cracking open her box of animal crackers. She needed something to remind her of home. Eating three at a time, she began to bawl, mascara running down her tomato red cheeks.


I just have to be thankful, the university let me have this job, she pondered, as she relayed the morning’s events. Eventually giving up, she laid down on the thin foam bed. It could be worse.

The boat was an interesting one. With only five decks, it was bought by the university, so they could continue their research.  As you walked into the kitchen, the overwhelming smell of stale bread filled your nose. Unwashed pots and pans lined the counters, dried food plastered on. The floor was similar; slippery from grease, and spills. The tiles tinted a permeate greenish brown. The rest of the boat reflected this scene. The cabins were small, but since she did not have a personate residence on the ship, she had one of the few single beds; it creaked every time she moved, the legs of the bed groaning and moaning under her weight. Most of the others got to enjoy share cabins with bunk beds. She would get to enjoy that next year, too. That is if she could survive these next few months.

The cabins were decorated. At least that’s what the university told us when we were volunteering, one lonely picture hung on the wall, the same in every room. The linens were off white, though we all suspected they were white once. Each room had a one light. A lamp more specifically, a green shade, with a scalped gold trim.

Our bathrooms were interesting. With two stalls, and four showers, it took a beating from the 26 women who joined me on this boat. Unlike many other ships of the university’s, it was mostly women. The lockers at the back of the room were jammed packed. Socks, hair dryer cords, and T-shirts hung out of some. Makeup was smeared across the counters, and spit sprayed across the mirrors. A complete disaster. This always made for a fun morning.

It was really a privilege to be here. So, she was going to have to learn to accept it.

As the day slowly drug on, she decide to venture out of her room. Her only job, was to record what the divers had witnessed, and submit it to the professor. Easy enough.

She blew past the cabins, to the end of the hall, where the washroom was situated. She ripped her hair out of the ponytail, as washed her face, to rid it of tears, and mascara. Smiling, as her looked over her face, she looked like herself again. Hands still shaking she pulled the comb through her knotty hair. When she was through the mop on her head, she paced the comb back in the locker she paid $37 a month for. What a waste of money. But, it was handy.

After, she ventured back down the hallway, to the other end.  Her best-friend, Joshua Stevens, was the head diver. With over 10 years of experience, he was the man to talk to. She raised her hand a wacked it against the door.

A cautious voice answered.

“Alex. Is that you?”

“Yup! Miss me?”

There was some fumbling from behind the door.

“Come on in!”

The door flew open, and Alex walked in. He looked up at her face.

“You’ve been crying.”

Avoiding the question she tossed the papers down next to him. Explaining the need for a report. They sat there for an hour, going over what he had seen. The subject, eventually changed from the report, to the upcoming Christmas, that they’d be spending on the ship.

Last year, Josh had spent Christmas at the Jones’s household. Too much egg nog was consumed, and before they knew it, they were going house to house, caroling with country twang, Josh in the lead with his guitar.  They agreed, a close eye would be kept on the egg nog this year.


To Rambling,

HI! I’m so glad you like my fur!  It is smelly lately,oh well! You know I dislike getting a bath. It take all that I have not to growl at you guys. And that shampoo that you bought?!?! It smells gross!

I’m growling at them to protect you! And no, I won’t lick them to death. They may be burglars, OH! Or maybe even solicitors! I’m keeping them away!I thought that’s what you wanted? PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE! Don’t make me wear that stupid harness. I’m scared. And  it hurts my back! Get a bigger one!I’ve met the neighbours pooches, they’re nice! The have a pool. Can we get one? It’s too hot in the summer. But, please don’t cut my fur.

You should leave me here when you go alberta.Ican’t handle an 11hr trip! I lose my lunch on the 2hr ones! Your mom really wasn’t to bring met though. And I don’t want to share a room with the CAT!  Hey! If you keeping giving me treats I might be able to handle it?

Speaking of treats, you know all the tricks you tought me to do? Treats ain’t going to cut it anymore, ice cubes or carrots, and more than one. WOW!I love the new ball you got me. You can’t seem to thow it far enough though, and down the road? I scrapes up my paws! The kong stick is no fun.

I like when we run around the back yard!Chase me, chase me! That ball scoop would help.

Did you say OFF LEASH? Frisbees are for CHEWING! BALL? Lets go play!


The Lockdown(in-progress)

The ear-piercing buzz of the intercom systems echos through the halls.  Chaos erupted through the halls, kids dropped their bags and binders and made a run for it to the nearest classrooms. Teachers ordered the children to enter single file, but they did not listen. Pushing, and shoving, scared kids crammed through the small doors that lined the hallways.

Then silence. A shiver ran down my spine as I realised I was the only one left in the deserted hallway. One by one the door began to close, with a distinct click as the teachers locked the doors. I forced my self to wake up, gaining speed as I sprinted to the end of the hallway. The door began to close as I stuck my foot through the crack of space left. A squeal came from inside, as I yelped in pain, I pushed the door open and dove to the corner where all the others were situated. Questioning looks set their gaze upon me, from the teachers and the students.

Criss-cross apple sauce, I closed my mouth, and shut my eyes, stunned with fear. I inhaled deeply and caught a whiff of my gyms shoes. Screwing up my nose, and almost gagging from the smell, making a mental note to get mom to wash them when I got home. If I did get home.

Footsteps came from the stairwell next door from us. Thump,thump,thump. My heart pounded. Was he right next door? I could hear the slow clam breaths of the teachers quicken. I sat there, frozen as clock on the wall, that didn’t have working batteries in it for many days before.the locked doorknob suddenly jostled, as if they were told too, the class inhaled in unison. The  foot steps, began to travel slowly down the empty hall, door after door, I could hear them being tested, to see if the door was unlocked.

Suddenly, screams came from down the hall. My  mind going wild, I tried not to imagine what was going to happen. Sobs rolled down the hall, getting fainter and fainter. Then, as though a herd of elephants had escaped, the class trampled down the old stairs.

I peered around. They eyes of all the adults, were weary and shooting around the room, as though they were looking for something. What? I had no idea.

A shiver ran down my spine. The stomping passed our door and traveled down the hall after them, slow and steady..



  1. Dogs (more specifically my dog.)
  2. Linkin Park
  3. Sunrises
  4. Hugs
  5. Boots (Cowboy boots)
  6. Shooting stars
  7. Texture
  8. Singing on the bus
  9. Our old bus driver
  10. The color GREEN
  11. Smooth writing pens
  12. HP
  13. Bubbles


  1. Neglect
  2. When a Die Hard movie ends.
  3. +30C weather
  4. Not having hot chocolate after it snows.
  5. Pink
  6. Grey
  7. Polka Dots
  8. Frowns
  9. Black licorice
  10. Stripes